Transform ANY Content Into Learning

Ponddy Reader makes authentic material comprehensible while minimizing class preparation time.

Create Interactive Learning Module(Pondlet)

Ponddy Reader transforms any content into interactive online learning module (Pondlet) in seconds. Simply submit your content, Ponddy Reader will instantly align to standard levels, automatically embed language scaffold tools, and let you easily share with key vocabulary, grammar and guided reading questions.

AI-powered Language Building Tools

By using powerful language scaffolding tools such as word, character and radical networks, students expand their vocabulary knowledge to produce sentences and improve reading comprehension.


Provides students with in-context definitions, pinyin, audio, and sample sentences at various levels.

Word Pond

Learn words that often appear together. Through word associations, Word Pond helps students create sentences faster and easier.

Character Pond

Learn words that share the same character. Character Pond helps students understand the meaning of characters and how they can combine to form words.

Radical Pond

Learn words that share the same radical. Radical Pond animates the top 50 radicals to help students create characters.

Key View

Key Vocabulary lets teachers create focused vocabulary lists for their students.

Key Grammar

Key Vocabulary

Share Content

Share your Pondlet with anybody using link and QR code.

Rich Library Resource

Access over 500+ classroom-ready lessons (Pondlets).

Align to International Standards

Ponddy Level are aligned to national and international standards such as ACTFL, HSK, TOCFL, CEFR and ILR.

Customer reviews

"As a teacher, I can choose appropriate articles and upload them onto Ponddy Reader to share with my students. I have students read the articles using the vocabulary and grammar assistance. Ponddy Reader helps my students to comprehend and read as much as possible!"

Berkeley High School
Xin Chen #Teacher

"Ponddy Reader offers multiple levels for vocabulary words based on your personal proficiency. I can choose which levels to turn on so that I can recognize characters I know while at the same time learning new characters."

Senior, Washington Latin Public Charter School, D.C
Ava #AP Chinese student